Wonderful wildebeest migration sightings

Posted by Anita Froneman on 10 September 2021

Every year, more than a million wildebeest migrate between Tanzania and Kenya, along with other animals like zebra and antelope in search of greener pastures.

Take a look at some of this year’s most recent sightings of the Great Migration posted via HerdTracker:

Taken at Bateleur Camp by @mirodaotto

Taken at Bateleur Camp by @mirodaotto

Credit: @favourtoursandsafaris

Credit: Governors’ Camp Collection

Credit: Governors’ Camp Collection

Credit: HerdTracker

The migration is an ongoing event as the giant herds move in a clockwise motion all through the year, chasing the rainfall, according to Tanzania Odyssey.

From July to October, the wildebeest are in the northern Serengeti plains in Tanzania, and thousands cross the great Mara River into Kenya.

Take a look at the animated migration map: 

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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