Beautiful sunset hike up Lions Head

Posted by Simon Davidson on 27 October 2010 Tags:

Life in the Western Cape really is one that many don’t always make the most out of and I strongly believe that people need to get out there, see places, meet people and experience things. There are endless things to do in the Western Cape, from hiking up Constatiaberg to having fish and chips at a small local fish shop in Kalk Bay whilst gazing over the beautiful ocean as the sun shimmers down beneath the waves. Personally, I think the smaller things in life are the ones that make people happiest and should be cherished; many people often forget this!

Now back to the journey up Lions Head… Just over a week or so ago some friends and I spontaneously decided to hike up Lion’s Head which is the distinctively shaped mountain slope alongside the infamous Table Mountain. This was officially my first proper hike/voyage in Cape Town and I can truly say it was a great start to many more Western Cape expeditions.

The starting point of the hike is at Signal Hill Road which is at the base of Forestry Road and you will obviously end off the hike where you started. It isn’t very long but you should expect it to take around 2.5 to 3 hours, this is also taking into consideration for stops along the way and the viewing of the sunset from the peak. You should also note that this is a fairly easy walk but that the last section becomes quite steep and requires the use of chains and the occasional ladder to clamber up certain sections.

Things to Remember:

1. Have a warm top because it can get a little chilly at the peak and on the way down after the sun has set.

2. Closed shoes (Takkies, running shoes) would be a good idea but that being said I managed comfortably with just a pair of slops.

3. Bring your camera because there will definitely be a picture perfect moment somewhere along the walk and there is nothing worse than not being able to capture the moment – for me anyway!

4. Pack a bottle of water to stay hydrated.

5. Although you shouldn’t need to worry about safety, it is always suggested to have a hiking partner with you; just in case!

6. Bring a torch or headlamp for the walk down after the sun has gone down (check the batteries before you leave)

Get out there in the fresh air and enjoy it!