7 unusual Airbnb stays in South Africa

Posted by Anita Froneman on 1 October 2020

The year is slowly but surely coming to an end, and those who haven’t had a proper break yet are looking to book a well-deserved holiday.

For some, the same old hotel experience is getting tired and the curious traveller wants more than just a place to rest their head. South Africa has a wealth of unique and exciting Airbnb stays on offer for a taste of something different.

Take a look at these unusual stays that will have you looking forward to the accommodation as much as the holiday itself.

1. Driftwood Treehouse by the Sea, East London, Eastern Cape

If you are likely to envision yourself as a modern-day Tarzan or Jane, a treehouse is the place for you. This leafy construction was created with meticulous attention to detail by cabinet maker/boatbuilder/sculptor George Kockott. ‘Enjoy a soak in a cast iron bath tucked under the eaves in your bedroom and watch the curious antics of the monkeys outside, or shower in a private bower of wild ginger outside,’ the description reads. Overlooking the Kwelera Nature Reserve, it’s only a short walk to the sea and a nature lover’s paradise.

2. Hobbit Home, Garden Route, Southern Cape

Any Lord of the Rings fans out there? Right on the edge of the Garden Route National Park, this quaint little holiday home is something from a fairytale. It comes with a hot tub, fire pit and gas stove. There’s also a window in the roof for stargazing. As the description puts it: ‘This is as far into the wilderness as you can get and still have a hot shower.’

3. Barn loft, Franschhoek, Western Cape

Hold your horses! This ‘bedroom’ is a private loft in a completely in-use animal barn. The bedroom is situated in a cosy nook on a mezzanine that can be reached by stairs. In the rolling valleys of the Boland, this certainly is one for those who prefer the farm life. ‘If you love animals, designer space and something along the road less travelled, this is for you. If you are a city slicker looking for satellite TV and the same same same, um, no way!’ the description warns. The animal stalls are cleaned by staff daily, but otherwise, it’s just you, your love and the donkeys, pigs, sheep and bulls.

4. ‘Tin Can’ Glamping Van, Underberg, KwaZulu-Natal

This refurbished caravan-leads-into-hut takes you completely off the grid. Everything runs on solar power or gas, and all the materials used to rebuild it have been reclaimed and built by hand. Immerse yourself in the quiet fields above the Umzimkulu River. ‘A magical spot in an idyllic little cabin!’ one reviewer called it.

5. Corbelled House, Stuurmansfontein, Northern Cape

Laden with history, corbelled houses were built by roaming farmers in the early 1800s. They made use of successive courses of flat stone to build the roof, and these iconic structures only exist in three districts in the Northern Cape. It is off the grid and out of cell reception, so leave the electronics at home. Rather do some exploring during the day, and look up at the millions of stars twinkling in the Karoo night sky at night.

6. Eco-container, Sedgefield, Southern Cape

Overlooking the Karatara River and Swartvlei lake, this self-sustaining space is built from four recycled shipping containers and promotes an environmentally aware lifestyle. The two-storey cabin has a deck with impeccable views and is part of an organic farming project. Get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life with this unique stay.

7. Tiny House in Vegetable Garden, Stellenbosch, Western Cape

Who needs mansions? This little cabin is a delightful and refreshing alternative to the ‘bigger is better’ outlook. Here, you may wander around the organic herb and vegetable garden to pick whatever your taste buds fancy for dinner. Surrounded by mountain views, you can cook your vegetables over the fire pit. The tiny house comes with a tiny splash pool.

Picture: Airbnb

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