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Posted by Nidha Narrandes on 11 September 2020

It’s rare to find a relatively wild stretch of beach the length and breadth of Long Beach in Noordhoek. Its seven kilometres of white sand have graced magazines, websites and social media timelines all over the world, and thrilled locals and tourists for decades.

The beauty of Noordhoek’s Long Beach moved one reporter in 1902 to walk 6,5 kilometres from Fish Hoek to Noordhoek in harsh weather up the mountainside, and say, ‘I have never seen in all my travels a prettier place than Noordhoek, or one more worth a trip to spend a good long day.’

He went on to describe the area with its ‘nice farm-houses scattered all over, surrounded by cultivated gardens growing nearly every kind of vegetable’.
It’s difficult to argue with the nameless correspondent who may have been having a slow news day, but it’s easy to see why the earlier indigenous inhabitants of this area must have loved the wide-open spaces and fertile grazing areas.

Wild horses and predators have graced these plains not so long ago, and farmers plied their trade to stock ships passing Simon’s Town. Today Noordhoek is an ecological treasure, with owls, eagles and the noble Blue Crane all in proximity.

Kilometres of white sandy beaches.

White sands, and the vastness of the beach is what sets it apart, and there is no better place to appreciate it than from than Cape Beach Villa, a residence that makes Noordhoek feel the way it looks.

The villa is quite simply both an architectural marvel and a design triumph which has been blessed with the perfect location. It’s a house that quickly feels like home, because it is not pretentious or cold in any way despite being minimalist in its approach to the décor

The 5-bedroomed paradise sleeps a large family, groups of friends or a couples’ retreat. It could easily be the stage for an epic holiday and the forging deeper relationships and making memories with loved ones – the beauty of Noordhoek is inspiring in that way.

The open plan design makes appreciating the uninterrupted view possible from every angle of the villa; even the cottage next door with separate entrance and amenities.

A walk through the large front door of the main house allows you to make one of two choices; head to the living area on your right and see what’s cooking in the kitchen, who’s relaxing in the lounge and who’s sleeping in front of the fireplace in the reading lounge – or saunter off straight to the sunset bar for a refreshing drink and wind down.

Yes, there is such a thing as a sunset bar and the one at Cape Beach Villa is one of the more spectacular.

The bar area looks out onto the beach.

The views are endless here, and often you will see yourself riding a horse on the open sand below you – until you realise it’s actually something you can do here in Noordhoek that isn’t offered on most beaches in the world.

The horses may no longer be wild, but they’re definitely more accessible; as are a number of top restaurants, coffee houses and activities around the corner from the iconic Chapman’s Peak.

The clean, white furnishings throughout the house make it a giant canvas on which the sun paints, as it gives way to night. If you find that hard to believe, then watch the sun set on a clear day and the sky change colour, from orange to red and pink. The fading light hits the villa in ways that make it appear to change shape and mood, until finally it becomes a cocoon.

The sun sets over the beach in the near distance.

But Cape Beach Villa is more than just a pretty face. It is kitted out with some of the latest technology available. Super-fast Wi-Fi and a surround sound system make it a paradise for teenagers (and adults) hooked on tech and internet access. The floating TV lounge is an ideal place for a family to spend movie night, or watching live sport if the weather outside keeps you indoors. The fireplace downstairs is generous with its heat and warms up the house on those cold, windy evenings.

The high-volume ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows make the house feel like an extension of the beach. The master bedroom has a free flow bathroom that is part of the suite, so you can enjoy a shower with a view of the azure blue waters. Each bedroom is masterfully decorated, and each boasts a bathroom with never-ending views.

The bedrooms are tastefully decorated.

Each section of the villa flows easy into the next, which makes it easy to move around the large area. It also makes sharing the space with others more comfortable; there’s enough privacy when you want it.

The décor is inspired by the area’s African roots. The artwork is exquisite and tasteful, and the furniture gives a nod to the Long Beach outside, with its natural tones and relaxed comforts. The Jura one-touch coffee machine and in-house gas kitchen will leave you asking, how you ever lived without such treasures all your life. Not even bad weather can stop a proper braai in the open living space.

The walk-in fridge was without doubt the most popular feature of the villa, mainly because … who of us have not wanted a walk-in fridge in their dream house? This is what happens when the rock star life chooses you at Cape Beach Villa – you feel special and fortunate to enjoy a place like this, the epitome of outdoor-indoor living and all the luxury you could wish for.

Winter or summer, the home is comfortable all year round.

The villa wants for nothing. It is a world unto itself, a world you’ll think is make belief, if you don’t see it with our own eyes. This is a space to be enjoyed at your leisure, with the perfect company; and when the weather plays its part, the combination could be magical.

Contact: +32476226761 [email protected]
Website: Cape Beach Villa

Images: Nidha Narrandes

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