Best places to chase the sun across the globe

Posted on 13 June 2024 By Louise Bell

With frosty toes when trying to sleep and sniffling noses in the office due to the increase in colds, a South African winter can have us dreaming of warmer days. A place where the sun kisses your skin, the scent of blooming flowers fills the air, and the sound of laughter fills the air. This is the reality in a variety of places across the globe where summer is in full swing.

Unsplash/Matthias Mullie

Looking for warmer days to travel to while the rest of South Africa braces themselves for winter? Take a look at a few options around the world that are celebrating the warm embrace of summer from June to the end of August.


From beachy destinations to quaint villages to enjoying a long, luxurious afternoon basking in the sun, Spain is an excellent option if you’re looking for fun in the sun. Known for its vibrant culture and fantastic, flavorful cuisine, this country has an energetic and enchanting atmosphere that will create unforgettable memories.

The South of Spain experiences high summer temperatures, making it ideal for sun lovers. However, if you prefer milder weather, consider the North of Spain for your stay. Bilbaois, with its rich cultural offerings, is a top choice for a city vacation.


What better way to beat the winter blues than by travelling to paradise? With a seemingly unending network of islands and beaches to visit, you’ll feel your spirit thawing once you step foot in this idyllic country.

With some of the most beautiful places in the world nearby, Croatia will keep you captivated by its diverse natural settings and scenery. If you’re looking for a tropical adventure, be sure to add Plitvice National Park to your destination list to experience a tapestry of landscapes, from waterfalls to blue lakes.


Nothing screams ‘summer’ like enjoying ice cream in a beautiful setting. Known for its delicious gelato and sorbets, Italy is the perfect summer escape to consider when considering a heat-filled holiday. The big cities tend to have high summer temperatures, making heading to coastal Italian spots a great option for some sun, sand, and sublime adventures.

With picturesque options such as sizzling Sicily and Sorrento, you’ll have a blast exploring these spaces and enjoy your time in the buzzing atmosphere that comes from summer. As this is peak season, be aware that you’ll encounter flocks of tourists with the same idea as you, but nothing a summer cocktail can’t fix.

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