How to grow your own micro-greens

Posted by Anita Froneman on 29 July 2020

Micro-greens, or ‘baby vegetables’ have become a trend among the health conscious. These tiny plants are packed with nutrients despite their small size.

Another big reason for their popularity is that they can be bought whole and so they retain their nutritional value until they are consumed. They also require little space and water.

Some of the easiest micro-greens to grow are radish, broccoli and cabbage.

How to grow your own micro-greens at home

Micro-greens are becoming increasingly popular.

To grow them at home, the following is important:

– They need a brightly lit area

– They need shallow trays with drainage holes

– They need to be checked on daily

Easy steps to get the greens growing:

– Fill your tray with good seedling mix

– Soak your seeds in water for 2-4 hours

– Make sure the soil is completely wet

– Put your seeds into the mix and cover lightly with soil

– They will take about 4 days to germinate and another 14 days before they are ready to harvest

– They should ideally be cut before they reach 6cm in height

These vegetables are great to use fresh or cooked, by themselves or as a garnish or mixed in a salad.

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Image credit: Unsplash

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