Mobile Games for Holiday Travelers

Posted on 8 June 2021

Perhaps you’re planning to take your family on a holiday far away from home. The holiday season is here, and there will be a lot of traveling to many different places. Chances are, you will not have internet all through, but you’ll want to keep all the fun going throughout the journey, and till the end of the vacation. 

No matter the scenario, you are in luck. There are so many online and offline mobile games to keep you entertained. You can turn your smartphone and tablet into a mobile casino during your travel by playing these games:

Candy Crush Friends Saga

Formerly regarded as a ladies game, this uniquely intriguing game from the Candy Crush series is a must-have for every traveler. Whether you played the previous version or not, this is a fun game that should get you lost into the fascination. In’s Candy Crush Friends Saga, your task is to swap colored candies on a board to make at least three consecutive matches.

You move by unlocking interesting characters that each have a unique skill to assist you in clearing the board. Fruit falling from the sky, chocolate hurdles, and fruit goo all add to the game’s amazing thrill.

Diner Dash Adventures

The popular computer game Diner Dash Adventures and Facebook puzzler are far more enjoyable on smartphones and tablets.

If you are new to the game it is quite easy to play. Your work entails micromanaging restaurants to ensure that guests are satisfied – everything from seating arrangement, to service, cleaning, and decor. Oh, that doesn’t sound like much fun, so try not to play it.

Your mission is to make money for the company each day so that the boss may upgrade it and attract even more clients. This is a free but quite challenging game from Glu Mobile.

Words With Friends 2

In this Scrabble-like game, you create words with tiles on a virtual board, and you may play against opponents from all over the world at your own pace. Many simultaneous matches are supported in Words With Friends 2, and you’ll be informed when it’s your time for each game on your phone or tablet.

While playing, use the in-game chat tool to communicate with friends, play mini games, and compete for the top place on a scoreboard.

Puzzle Page

Do you enjoy playing sudoku, solving crossword puzzles, and word search games?

If you do, this is the perfect game for you. Puzzle Page, a free game that includes interesting puzzles like Kakuro, Futoshiki, Os and Xs, Picture Cross, and more logic, number, picture, and word puzzles is a combination of everything you’d imagine in all the mentioned genres. It is based on a simple interface, and helped by its fast load times.

AppyNation’s Puzzle Page also offers daily challenges and unique bonus games to make it more fun. There are rewards for specific achievements across multiple levels to spice things up. The simplicity of design and playing is what makes this game an easy traveler’s pick.


Citytopia is a city-construction and management game for mobile phones and tablets from Atari, one of the most legendary video game developers.  This free 3D city simulation game challenges users to design, construct, and manage their own prosperous metropolis.

You’ll be in charge of building commercial or residential setups, as well as connecting roads between them. Other responsibilities include increasing your population, and meeting the different needs of all citizens by negotiating contracts ranging from staffing factories and delivering commodities to supermarkets to developing tourist attraction sites in your area.

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