Turtle rescued from fishing nets to be released at Cape Point soon

Posted by Anita Froneman on 5 October 2020

Annie is a loggerhead turtle rescued from ‘ghost fishing’ by the NSRI. ‘Ghost fishing’ refers to fishing gear which is lost or abandoned in the ocean after being used, and then continues to trap animals in it unintentionally.

Countless tragic incidents have shown how dangerous these nets and gear left in the ocean are, as marine animals like sea turtles and sea horses are especially easily entangled, and rarely get free without external intervention.

Jacques Marais, a nature and travel writer shared the story of Annie, who was rescued and is now in the care of the Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town. If all goes well, she will be released back into the ocean soon.

Holy Moly! Yesterday was just such a lekker day. I got to play #TurtleTaxi in the for the amazing

Two Oceans Aquarium [TOA] Education Foundation. Yup, Annie the #LoggerheadTurtle had to go to the #HumanHospital, and I was the lucky dude who got to drive her across the Peninsula for a #CTscan to ensure she is 100% ready for her release later this year. And the reason she needed the check-up? Well, let’s just say that sometimes she swims around the #TOA Tank with her bum in the air (this is also why she is affectionately known as #BubbleButt to some of the volunteers)

According to Maryke Musson, ‘there may be some air trapped in her body cavity, or otherwise she is just one very gassy lady!’ Well, the results are in and we’re happy to say the scan did not show anything of concern (except excellent improvement over the past year). In fact, Annie is rated as one ‘strong, feisty and healthy sea turtle’, and therefore good to go.

She arrived at Two Oceans Aquarium after being rescued from a #ghostfishing net by the NSRI, and fortunately is a real survivor. Dedicated care by the incredible #TurtleRehabTeam has seen her gain weight (and attitude!) over the past 12 months, and the next step in her incredible journey will be to return to the #BigBlue. The date has not yet been confirmed, but she will be released into the deep, warm-water currents off #CapePoint in the next few months, where she will say a final goodbye to her humans.

As usual, the team will make sure she is fitted with a tracker so that we can see exactly what she gets up to on her amazing ocean travels

A massive #ThankYou goes out to everyone who donated towards Annie’s scan, and to the members of the public who were instrumental in her rescue. The #AquariumFoundation is a registered non-profit & public benefit organization – visit aquariumfoundation.org.za for more information on their impactful programmes.

Take a look at Annie’s CT scan:

Annie getting her CT scan.


Loggerhead turtles can grow to up to 1,1 metres in length.


Her scan showed no concerns.


Annie will be fitted with a tracker before her release.


Annie at the Aquarium.

Pictures: Jacques Marais


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