Robot racing at Killarney feeds the need for speed

Posted by Taylah Strauss on 14 March 2022

If there was ever any doubt that Cape Town’s street racers are hungry for robot racing after months of lockdown, the Robot Racing event on 9 March put that to rest for good when 155 drivers and 647 spectators thronged the start-line and pits area.

The event was remarkable for the number of upmarket cars entered, including a beautifully customised Audi S5 with adjustable suspension, but it was crowd favourite Jayce Bradshaw in his impressively quick Volkswagen Golf Mk1 who took the Night King honours with superb launches and magnificently smoky burnouts.

Robot Racing started way back in 2016 as a joint effort between the Western Province Motor Club at Killarney and the City of Cape Town, to get street racers off the public roads and into a safe and controlled environment where they can enjoy their cars without endangering other road users and the public at large.

It’s the purest form of motorsport there is: Two cars line up at a red robot, the robot goes green and whoever reaches the finishing line first, 402 metres (a quarter of a mile) away, is the winner. Running at night adds extra excitement and drama – it’s the closest you can get to street racing without breaking the law!

The next Robot Racing event at Killarney will be on 23 March 2022 from 6:30pm to 10:00pm. Entry fee is R70 for adults and free for children under 12 – and there is no extra charge to race! If you want to participate, just remember to bring a roadworthy car, a crash helmet, a long-sleeved top and long trousers, and your current South African driving licence – see you there!

For more information email Race Secretary Terri Philander at [email protected]

Pictures: Supplied


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