Top 5 places to see snow this winter

Posted on 16 July 2021

Maybe it’s the stories we’re read or the movies we see when we’re young, but the snow seems to hold some sort of mystical properties and there’s great excitement in the air when, even as adults, we hear someone say “it’s going to snow”. Here are the top 5 places to see snow this winter.

Image: Emil von Maltitz

As we continue our descent into winter, we thought we’d have a look at some of the places you’re most likely to encounter snow within our borders.

Matroosberg, Western Cape

No list of snow spots in South Africa would be complete without mentioning Matroosberg. A short drive from Ceres, Matroosberg is the headquarters of the Ski Club of South Africa, which should tell you something for a start.

The second highest mountain in the province, Matroosberg Peak is situated inside a nature reserve and only accessible by 4×4. Day visitors are allowed.

It isn’t just the Peak that gets snow though, when the time is right, the roads and fields around the area leading to the mountain can be covered and if it’s on a weekend, you’ll just need to follow the stream of cars heading out of Ceres.

Sutherland, Northern Cape

One of the coldest, if not the coldest places in the country is Sutherland in the Northern Cape and the chance of finding snow here in August is pretty high. The Verlatenkloof Pass is one of the higher areas and usually gets snow first, along with some of the local farms a bit further outside the town. The remarkably clear skies that make Sutherland famous for its observatory and stargazing are one of the main reasons Sutherland is susceptible to snow.

Sani Pass, KZN

So much has been written about the Sani Pass that we’re almost loathed to include it on this list. However, there’s a reason it’s well-covered by journalists: because it’s awesome! The Himeville/Underberg area – no strangers to snow themselves  – is a good base from which to start your snow search but be wary of road closures as the pass can become treacherous when snow falls.

Cathedral Peak, KZN

While we’re in the Drakensberg, Cathedral Peak is as close to a sure thing as you’re going to get when it comes to getting snow in winter. At a little over 3 000m high, the views from the top are breathtaking and it is possible to hike in one day. You’d want to take someone experienced along with you if there was snow, however, as it can get quite dangerous near the top.

Cederberg, Western Cape

We’ve covered our country’s coldest place and highest place. What other blindingly obvious place would you expect snow but one named after the stuff? Sneeuberg is the tallest peak in the Cederberg area and your chances of seeing snow here after a cold front are fantastic.  While the summers here are unbearably hot, a hike in winter after a fresh snowfall will leave you feeling like you’ve stepped into a magical wonderland.

Of course, before heading off in hope, you can always check out for pretty good updates on what’s happening in the world of snow. Stay warm out there.


Breathtaking pictures of snow in the Cape Provinces

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