9 Underrated destinations for adventurous travelers

Posted on 31 July 2023 By Tsoku Maela

Looking to venture off the beaten path this year? Discover these extraordinary yet underrated destinations from around the world! While iconic places like Paris, London, Italy, and Greece might be on everyone’s radar, they often come with exorbitant prices and overwhelming crowds.

Instead, consider exploring these lesser-known gems, which offer breathtaking experiences without breaking the bank.

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Aerial photograph of UNESCO heritage town of Luang Prabang in Laos, South-East Asia.

1. Ecuador

Most travellers flock to Ecuador to explore the famous Galapagos Islands, but they often miss out on the rest of this captivating country. Ecuador boasts stunning natural beauty, from majestic mountains to pristine beaches and lush jungles. Best of all, it’s incredibly budget-friendly compared to its neighbouring countries like Peru and Colombia.

2. Albania

Nestled in Europe, Albania is often overlooked by travellers planning their European adventures. However, this Balkan nation has plenty to offer with its stunning coastline that rivals the popular destinations of Greece, Italy, and Croatia. Enjoy scenic small towns, the lively capital city of Tirana, and affordable prices.

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3. Laos

Southeast Asia is a popular destination, but Laos remains an underrated gem overshadowed by its neighbours like Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Laos is a budget-friendly option with enchanting attractions such as the Kuang Si waterfalls, caves, and the 4 000 Islands.

4. Guatemala

Mexico’s southern neighbour, Guatemala, remains largely unexplored by American travellers. This Central American country is a treasure trove of wonders, including the charming colonial town of Antigua, the majestic Acatenango volcano, the serene Lake Atitlan, and the mysterious Tikal ruins. Plus, it’s a great option for budget-conscious travellers.

5. Mozambique

When you think of Africa, Mozambique might not be the first place that comes to mind. However, this East African nation offers remarkable natural beauty, boasting some of the world’s most beautiful beaches with crystal-clear waters and white sandy shores. Mozambique is perfect for island-hopping, snorkelling, and scuba diving adventures.

6. Slovenia

Tucked away in Central Europe, Slovenia is often overshadowed by its more famous neighbors like Croatia and Italy. But don’t underestimate this pristine country, which offers lower crowds and prices. Explore the charming capital, Ljubljana, the picturesque Lake Bled, and the breathtaking Triglav National Park.

7. Uzbekistan

Central Asia is a region that often goes unnoticed, but it shouldn’t be overlooked. Uzbekistan is a treasure trove of breathtaking nature, rich history, and fascinating culture. Marvel at the colourful architecture of cities like Samarkand, Bukhara, and Khiva, and discover the ancient Silk Road’s legacy.

8. Cape Verde

Located 350 miles off the coast of Senegal, Cape Verde presents an idyllic tropical beach paradise with stunning mountain vistas, sparkling beaches, and charming colonial towns. But it’s the island nation’s multicultural aspects that truly set it apart, offering a unique blend of influences from Senegal, Portugal, Brazil, Ghana, and France.

9. Tasmania

Though not its own country, Tasmania feels like a world away from the rest of Australia. This island paradise features the food-rich cosmopolitan city of Hobart, with its unique Museum of Old and New Art. Launceston is a quaint outpost with tempting culinary delights and opportunities for outdoor adventures like the Bay of Fires Lodge Walk and the Wukalina Walk, celebrating Tasmania’s Aboriginal heritage.

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