Beginner tips for adventure travel

Posted on 15 June 2024 By Nomvelo Masango

A healthy dose of adventure keeps the soul of any travel enthusiast alive. Adventure travel can include attempting a series of challenging hiking trails, mountain biking over rugged terrain or even partaking in any new, daring and adrenaline-filled activities.

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When considering your very first adventure getaway, it is important to strike a balance between safety and plenty of fun.

Here are a few tips to consider before embarking on your adventure.

Pack sensibly

Try your best to travel light while also ensuring that you leave no essentials behind. As you pack, remember to include appropriate gear for the planned activities, as well as to keep the weather in mind. In certain areas, the temperatures can differ vastly between day and night. It is important to pack with such considerations in mind.

Prioritise your safety

Keep your safety in mind with every adventure and adrenaline-filled activity you decide to immerse yourself in. It helps to do your research, and to use reputable companies or service providers. When signing indemnity forms, ensure that you read and understand everything fully.

Consider your health and fitness levels

Before embarking on an adventure, it is essential to ensure that you are fit and healthy. Even if you will not be doing something as extreme and demanding as climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, it helps to pay attention to your fitness levels. After all, health complications can very quickly drain the joy out of an adventurous experience.

Break in your new shoes

Whether you are walking or hiking, having comfortable shoes is of utmost importance. If you have purchased a new pair of shoes for your trip, be sure to give them a good breaking in. This will help you avoid discomfort, tears and blisters on your trip.

Medication and first aid

As an adventure seeker, a lot can go wrong quite quickly. Thus, travelling with an emergency first aid kit is absolutely important. Ensure that it comes complete with everything you might need including plasters, as well as medication for allergies and motion sickness. If you have any prescribed medication, bring it along and take it consistently as directed throughout the trip.

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