10 Secluded Beaches in South Africa Perfect for a Quiet Escape

Posted on 25 August 2023

South Africa is renowned for its incredible coastline. Every beach tells a unique story. Explore various coastlines, from the icy Atlantic waters of the Cape to the warm Indian Ocean currents of KwaZulu Natal. While some are bustling hubs of activity, others remain lesser-known gems, offering solitude and unparalleled beauty. Let’s delve into four of these secluded beaches in South Africa worth visiting.

South Africa’s coastline stretches for over 2,500 kilometres, offering diverse beaches. Whether you’re looking for a surfer’s paradise, a family-friendly spot, or a secluded getaway, you will find a beach that meets your needs. A few stand out among the vast number of beaches due to their breathtaking beauty and serenity. Let’s explore these hidden treasures.

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1. Port St. Johns Beach, Eastern Cape

Mpande Beach Port St Johns Beach Secluded Beaches in South Africa

Picture: X / sputnick_MS

Nestled in the heart of the Eastern Cape, Port St. Johns Beach stands as a testament to the raw beauty of South Africa’s coastline. Often referred to as a surfer’s utopia, the beach offers captivating waves perfect for adrenaline junkies. But while First Beach is frequented by sharks, including the infamous Great White, neighbouring beaches provide a safer experience for beachgoers. The serenity of the untouched sands and the backdrop of coastal forests make this a perfect destination for a beachside BBQ. And if you’re looking for a place to stay, cosy lodges just behind the dunes offer the perfect escape. But remember to always be cautious, given the history of shark attacks in the area.

2. Diaz Beach, Mossel Bay

Diaz Beach Mossel Bay Secluded Beaches in South Africa

Picture: Instagram / swart.gerrit

In Mossel Bay, Diaz Beach offers the perfect blend of luxury and relaxation. The golden sands stretch out as far as the eye can see, bordered by majestic mountains, with the iconic Seal Island gracing the horizon. It’s a surfer’s paradise, especially when the winds play in their favour. The beach is conveniently located near many shops for those seeking some retail therapy. And are you after some relaxation? Nearby Santos Beach promises tranquillity.

3. Noetzie Beach, Knysna

Noetzie Beach Knysna Secluded Beaches in South Africa

Picture: X / Brahm_ZA

Just a short drive from Knysna reveals an enchanting world, the picturesque Noetzie Beach. A visual treat, the shoreline is dotted with fairy-tale-like “castles”, making it stand out from other beaches and giving it a whimsical charm. Recognized as one of South Africa’s top beaches, its scenic beauty draws visitors from all over. However, there’s a shadow cast by recent disputes involving local communities from nearby areas, causing safety concerns. While the allure is undeniable, being vigilant and prioritising safety is paramount.

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4. Mabibi Beach, KwaZulu Natal

Mabibi Beach, KwaZulu Natal Secluded Beaches in South Africa

Picture: Instagram / jaks_tracks

Nestled in the heart of KwaZulu Natal lies one of the pristine secluded beaches in South Africa, Mabibi Beach. This idyllic spot is where the raw beauty of the Mozambique coast converges with the lush green dune forests of KZN. The beach is a trove of underwater treasures for marine enthusiasts, especially during low tides, which unveil magnificent marine life. Adventure seekers can opt for an immersive experience with the available camping facilities diligently maintained by the local women, ensuring a comfortable stay amidst nature.

5. Platboom Beach, Cape Point

Platboom Beach, Cape Point

Picture: Instagram / fns259

About 65 km from the bustling Cape Town is the serene Platboom Beach, one of the secluded beaches in South Africa steeped in history. Situated within the vastness of the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve, this beach carries its history in its name, “Platboom”, meaning “flat tree” in Afrikaans. This simplistic beauty is complemented by the surrounding wildlife and awe-inspiring landscapes. It’s an ideal spot for photography enthusiasts, offering ample opportunities to capture the unadulterated beauty of South Africa’s coastline.

6. Bulungula Beach, Eastern Cape

Bulungula Beach, Eastern Cape

Picture: X / frypanmfula

Deep within the heart of South Africa’s captivating Wild Coast lies the secluded Bulungula Beach, which was deservedly named the “Pick of the Wild Coast” by Lonely Planet in 2012. Although a bit arduous, the journey to this paradise is worth every effort. The beach offers many activities, from surfing the waves and hiking the rugged terrains to canoeing in the crystal-clear waters, ensuring there’s something for every adventure seeker.

7. Mkambati Nature Reserve Beach, Eastern Cape

Mkambati Nature Reserve Beach, Eastern Cape

Picture: Instagram / mikelumley_wildlife

For those yearning for an untouched beach experience, Mkambati Nature Reserve Beach offers just that. Hidden away from the hustle and bustle, this beach is accessible only by hiking or paddling. The efforts to reach here are immediately rewarded by the serene atmosphere, the unique sight of waterfalls cascading into the sea, and the majestic Msikhaba River merging with the vast Indian Ocean.

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8. Llandudno Beach, Cape Town

Llandudno Beach

Picture: Facebook / Robyn Breedt

Nestled within the confines of Cape Town, Llandudno Beach is a perfect juxtaposition of untouched nature and modern convenience. The beach boasts pristine white sands and translucent waters, providing an unmatched beach experience. The limited commercial establishments in the vicinity ensure the beach retains its untouched charm, making it a peaceful getaway.

9. Tietiesbaai Beach, Paternoster

Tietiesbaai Beach

Picture: X / selwyn458

Tietiesbaai Beach, located in Paternoster, is a treasure to explore. Its secluded bays and panoramic views of the towering lighthouse are a visual treat. However, the beach’s serene beauty is occasionally marred by safety concerns. It’s always a good idea to stay updated on the local situations and prioritise safety.

10. Sodwana Bay, KwaZulu-Natal

Sodwana Bay

Picture: Instagram / siima_films

The pristine Sodwana Bay Bay beach is in the heart of the Sodwana Bay National Park. A diver’s paradise, the beach promises a unique underwater experience. While its natural beauty is unparalleled, the stark contrast with the unattended parking area nearby highlights the region’s pressing need for sustainable tourism efforts. It serves as a reminder that while enjoying nature’s beauty, it’s also crucial to contribute towards its conservation.


Turtle Tracking in Kosi Bay

Picture: X / sputnick_MS

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