Walking tours in South Africa

Posted on 4 August 2023

Explore South Africa like never before, step by step, with these captivating walking tours that uncover the tales of history, art, and culture. From Victorian charm to vibrant street art, join us on a journey through the heart of South Africa’s most intriguing destinations.


The Lord Milner Hotel in Matjiesfontein.

Embark on a captivating stroll through Matjiesfontein, a Victorian gem frozen in time. Led by the renowned author Dean Allen, this tour unveils the captivating story of James Logan, the ‘ideal colonialist,’ and his creation of this enchanting village in the late 1800s.


  • Begin at the majestic Lord Milner Hotel, a piece of living history.
  • Traverse the immaculate gardens and high street.
  • Uncover the tale of James Logan, from penniless immigrant to visionary town builder.
  • Conclude at The Laird’s Arms for a well-deserved pint and sing-alongs.

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Soweto: A Township’s Triumph and Resilience

Discover the beating heart of South Africa’s struggle for freedom with a leisurely stroll through Soweto’s historic Orlando West. A local guide, born and raised in the township, escorts you through streets resonating with history and culture.

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  • Immerse yourself in the streets and neighbourhoods of Orlando West.
  • Gain insights into Soweto’s pivotal role in South Africa’s liberation.
  • Visit landmarks like the Hector Pieterson Memorial and Nelson Mandela’s former home.
  • Interact with locals, learn street lingo, and savor an authentic kota sandwich lunch.

Maboneng Street Art: Johannesburg’s Creative Pulse

Embark on a vibrant visual journey through Johannesburg’s artistic heart, Maboneng Precinct. This guided tour unveils a kaleidoscope of street art, introduces you to local artists, and delves into the subcultures that shape the city’s dynamic art scene.


  • Encounter global street art masterpieces and meet the artists behind them.
  • Explore the Maboneng Precinct and Jewel City, epicenters of modern art.
  • Engage with local communities, learning their motivations and techniques.
  • Witness firsthand how street art transforms perspectives and narratives.

Cape Town’s Underground Canals: Unearth Centuries of History

Unveil the hidden depths beneath Cape Town’s streets with a mesmerizing journey through its historic underground canals. From Table Mountain’s springs to the Castle of Good Hope, follow the course of sweet waters that shaped the city’s past.

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  • Venture beneath Cape Town’s streets, tracing the centuries-old underground canals.
  • Discover the city’s water catchment system and its transformation over time.
  • Walk through the captivating stories of indigenous Khoi people and Dutch colonizers.
  • Marvel at the architectural wonders that convey the flow of Table Mountain’s springs.

Uncover the untold stories, artistry, and history of South Africa’s captivating destinations on foot. These walking tours promise immersive experiences, personal encounters, and a deeper connection to the soul of this remarkable country. Whether you’re captivated by Victorian elegance, the struggle for freedom, vibrant street art, or hidden historical tunnels, South Africa’s streets are waiting to share their secrets with you.

Prince Albert Ghost tour

Uncover the secrets of Prince Albert on a ghost tour guided by the captivating storyteller Ailsa Tudhope. This small Karoo village is known for its rich history and the spirits that refuse to leave. Ailsa will introduce you to the local characters who once roamed the town and still linger in the shadows. Delve into the intriguing stories of Prince Albert’s past and the spine-chilling tales of its inhabitants.

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