A beautiful timelapse to distract yourself from everything

Posted on 16 November 2016

We’re long past the stage where a timelapse of a beach at sunset will impress anyone other than your mom. (That’s her job, after all; and even she’s starting to wish you’d stop spending your money on camera gear and focus on moving out of the basement.)


This one, from Rory Allen, is something different. He’s spent over two and a half years travelling the world, collecting epic moments to stitch together into this epic piece of art. You’ll recognise some of the opening scenes – from clouds rolling over Table Mountain to Joburg’s Orlando Towers – but the video really comes into its own in the second half, where vibrant night scenes and star trails from places like Botswana and Thailand are mixed with South African night skies.

rory-allen-a-lapse-in-time-11 rory-allen-a-lapse-in-time-12 rory-allen-a-lapse-in-time-8 rory-allen-a-lapse-in-time-10

This is the most beautiful timelapse video I’ve seen all year, and I can only strongly recommend that you allow yourself to daydream for 3:24 minutes (the length of a pop song, or how long it takes to make a cup of tea) and watch it yourself. Come on, the holidays!


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Can’t watch it now? Admire some more of these snaps from the video then:


rory-allen-a-lapse-in-time-6 rory-allen-a-lapse-in-time-13 rory-allen-a-lapse-in-time-7

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