This video will make you want to go to Patagonia

Posted on 3 July 2017

I mean, if you didn’t already.


Patagonia Martin Heck

Photo from Patagonia 8K, by Martin Heck.

Sometimes I think that videography is a dark art that should be approached with great caution. A good videographer could shoot anything – say, a group of rats picking through rubbish at sunrise – and with a Sigur Ros soundtrack and some sweeping timelapses, you’d be looking at your friends saying ‘wow, I wish I could be there.’


This video uses every single one of the dark arts, and when the snow-topped mountains and ice-blue lakes of Patagonia are combined with an epic orchestral soundtrack – well, mere mortals are powerless to escape its charms.

Watch it here, and turn your video quality all the way up:

PATAGONIA 8K from Martin Heck | Timestorm Films on Vimeo.

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