Incredible sighting of dolphin pod and whale feeding in Cape Town

Posted on 5 May 2021 By Anita Froneman

Sometimes, we take a look at the wildlife both on land and in the oceans of South Africa, and we just go ‘wow’.

Recently, photographer Kade Tame captured a huge pod of what appear to be dusky dolphins and a humpback whale in a feeding frenzy near Fish Hoek in Cape Town.

‘We saw the super-pod of dolphins and decided to follow them. As we were following them, the other half of the super-pod was spotted swimming in from Muizenberg beach,’ Tame told Cape Town Etc.

‘We then realised that it was the same pod and [they] were doing this for a reason (gathering fish). Before we knew it, there was white water everywhere and the most spectacular feeding began.’

Take a look here: 

Picture: Screenshot

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