Terrapin captured ‘shooing’ lions away from watering hole

Posted by Anita Froneman on 6 May 2021

A safari guide captured some extremely interesting footage recently. A lion and a lioness casually crouched by a watering hole after a big meal, only to be interrupted by a very adamant little turtle!

First, the male lion seems to wonder what the little creature is up to, and looks slightly amused. The terrapin then moved on to pick a bone with the lioness too, who was just as surprised.

‘This is the rare, almost confusing, moment when two lions quenching their thirst are disrupted by a seemingly aggressive terrapin who is not happy with any visitors in his part of town,’ Reggi Barreto, told Latest Sightings. 


Barreto and his guest came across this entertaining sighting near the Sand River in the MalaMala Private Game Reserve in the Greater Kruger. However the real reason for this behaviour might rather be that the terrapin was after the blood still on their faces after having eaten.

‘It was an incredibly rare sighting for me to film – watching the terrapin approach the lions that had blood on their chins from the zebra [that they had eaten]. It seems as though the terrapin was actually more interested in getting some of that blood, as opposed to ‘chasing the lions away’,’ he added.

Pictures: Screenshots from video


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