Incredible sighting of lions hunting buffalo

Posted by Anita Froneman on 15 November 2020

Witnessing a hunt on safari is an exciting experience. A lucky group of visitors to the Kruger National Park had front row seats to a pride of lions hunting two buffalo.

The scene starts off on the tar road as the lions pursue two buffalo. After moving to the side of the road, the lionesses zero in on one buffalo and the other makes its escape.

A group of safari-goers caught it on camera and shared the video to Latest Sightings.

‘We had an amazing sighting yesterday. Massive pride of lions chasing buffaloes right on the road at Kumana dam, driving them straight for us,’ the caption reads.

Take a look at the incredible sighting:

The Kruger lions eat a variety of 37 animal species, including ostriches, quelea nestlings, tortoises and small crocodiles, according to Siyabona Africa. Their preference is for buffalo, giraffe, zebra and wildebeest among the larger animals, and porcupine and warthog as smaller game.

Lionesses do most of the hunting that provides food for the pride. They are an astonishing 30% faster than the males, and can reach up to 56km per hour, according to Forbes.

Picture: Screenshot from video

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