This is how your bags get treated at the airport

Posted by Elise Kirsten on 29 November 2019

A video showing a baggage handler carelessly throwing one piece of luggage after another onto a baggage shoot has been shared on Facebook with the warning, ‘don’t bother buying expensive luggage!’

The video appears to have been recorded at an airport in the U.S, as indicated by the United Airlines hangar and the voice announcing flights mentions U.S destinations. The US isn’t the only country with luggage woes. Earlier this month another video, which was allegedly taken at King Shaka Airport, was posted showing baggage being thrown with vigour into the luggage cart.

Responses to the above post on Facebook include that of Tintin Chen, who posted a photo of her hard-shell suitcase with a section that had cracked off leaving a gaping hole, with the comment ‘My baggage! 11/12! R.I.P’. There were a number of similar photos from other people as well as a tip from Stanley Mokgothu, who emphasised that this is ‘why it is so important to wrap your luggage, even though it’s expensive’.

Some people argued the case against buying expensive luggage while other insisted that buying good quality brands like Samsonite and then wrapping the suitcase is the way to go.

A number of responses included outrage and indignation that other people’s property could be handled with so little care, while others seemed to have a lightbulb moment which made it clear to them why their bags were in such poor condition.

If you plan to fly this season, know that your luggage may experience some unfortunate abuse.

Featured image: Facebook

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