Bird captures shark-like animal on a South Carolina beach

Posted by Ilhaam Bardien on 5 July 2020

Just as we thought this year couldn’t get any crazier, a bird was seen flying off with what appeared to be a shark, at Myrtle Beach in South Carolina on 30 June.

A video of the incident was caught by a Tennesee resident, Ashley White, according to CBS News. It has since gone viral, after being posted to the Tracking Sharks Twitter account.

According to White, she captured the video on her iPhone while on the 17th floor of a building she was staying at.

The video shows a massive bird flying over the ocean, grasping what seems to be a shark. The captured creature tries to wiggle its way out of the bird’s clutches to no avail.

Many have weighed in on the species of bird, and whether or not the captured animal was a shark. Some suggested that the bird was a Condor, and others speculated that it was a fish, not a shark, that had been captured. Another speculated combination was that the bird was on Osprey and the fish was a ladyfish. Others still said the fish was an Atlantic Spanish Mackerel.

The species of both animals have not yet been confirmed.

During a time when many beaches are still closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, interesting sightings like this one are quite rare. The lucky shot has captured the interest of many around the globe, and guesses as to the species of animals are still pouring in.

Featured Image: Screenshot from video 

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