Our favourite finalists from the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

There’s serious, very important and very impressive wildlife photography. And then there’s these delights that will make your heart go pop and maybe even elicit a belly laugh.

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards (ingeniously titled to avoid any confusion) was the result of two factors. Firstly, a need for a light-hearted photography competition that was upbeat, possibly unpretentious and mainly about wildlife doing funny things. Secondly, this competition is about conservation and the awards have strong links with the Born Free Foundation.

There were plenty of funny finalists, but these ones are our favourites.


The Laughing Doormouse

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

The Laughing Doormouse (Monticelli Brusati, Italy) by Andrea Zampatti.


Mudskipper’s Got Talent

‘Wider Basil, wider!’

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Mudskippers Got Talent (Krabi, Thailand) by Daniel Trim.


Sending a Clear Message

Sending a clear message (Yamanouchi, Japan) by Linda Oliver.


Kung-fu Training Australian Style

Kung-fu Training Australian Style (New South Wales, Australia) by Andrey Giljov.



Vera finally decided to branch off.

Help! (Ópusztaszer, Hungary) by Tibor Kercz.



‘Take that moss!’

Superhero (Gothenburg, Sweden) by Johnny Kääpä.



Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Knockout! (Suomussalmi, Finland) by Hannele Kaihola

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