Kruger accommodation review – Pretoriuskop Rest Camp

Posted by Adel Groenewald on 1 May 2013

I’m in the Kruger National Park on assignment for Getaway visiting all the campsites, lodges and accommodation options in the park. It’s a big job, but by the end of it I’ll have a list of all them (see them all here: Kruger accommodation reviews) and, more importantly, an idea of what you can expect to find there in terms of accommodation, food, amenities, animals, mobile reception and highlights. My third stop is Pretoriuskop Rest Camp.

Pretoriuskop Rest Camp

Apart from being the highest camp in the Kruger National Park, Pretoriuskop Rest Camp is also the oldest camp to offer accommodation to visitors in the park. They started doing this as long back as the 1920s and one of the original huts used for accommodation still stands in the camp. Consequently, Pretoriuskop has a classic Kruger feel. The large lawns and beautiful swimming pool makes it ideal for families with children. Due to long grass and many granite outcrops, spotting game might be a challenge, but this means that the camp is almost always peaceful.

The accommodation at Pretoriuskop Rest Camp

Pretoriuskop offers a wide range of self-catering options in bungalows and huts. The huts have communal kitchen and bathroom facilities (some have fridges) while the bungalows all have their own bathrooms, some with communal kitchens and some with kitchenettes on the porch (fridge, two-plate stove, fridge and ketel). The family cottages and guesthouses have more than one bathroom and a full kitchen.

The campgrounds at Pretoriuskop are mostly shaded and a large section of it runs along the fence. There is, however, one area that is devoid of electricity, so make sure you know what you’re in for when booking.

The bungalows at Pretoriuskop are spaced in circles or ovals, always allowing a lovely grass area at your front door

Although the kitchen areas tend to be on the porch, it allows for a lot of time spent outside, enjoying the calm

The inside of a two-sleeper bungalow at Pretoriuskop

One of the smallest huts at Pretoriuskop, with only beds and a braai. These have communal kitchens and bathrooms and are positioned in a large circle – great for socialising with the neighbours

The best spots

Bungalows 115 – 134 are positioned in a large half circle and fronted by a large stretch of grass with big trees scattered around. On the far side of the grass is the swimming pool.

The animals at Pretoriuskop

Seeing as the grass in this area is noticeably longer than some of the others and the vegetation is rather thick, searching for animals might be a bit of challenge. That being said, leopard and buffalo sightings are regular. This is one of the few areas in the park where you’ll find red duiker and diminutive oribi and the region also hosts waterbuck and kudu, so if you’ve already ticked the Big Five then this is a nice spot to search for the less fussed about animals. The trees inside the camp are home to a wide range of fascinating bird species.

High grass in the region makes in difficult to spot game, but this is a great opportunity to search for kudu and other less fussed-about animals

The food

The restaurant at Pretoriuskop has the standard Kruger menu, with grills, sandwiches, burgers and breakfasts. The restaurant is, however, striking in that its roof consists of series of thatched peaks. The shop is surprisingly large and pleasantly well stocked, so you can buy everything you need for a braai feast here. Communal kitchens have two-plate stoves and every unit and campsite has a braai area.

The restaurant at Pretoriuskop has many shaded nooks where you can enjoy the hot afternoons


The swimming pool at Pretoriuskop is definitely reason enough to spend a night here as it’s partly sculpted out of natural rock and incorporates a beautiful water feature.

You’ll find many interesting historic spots around the camp, like the Indaba Tree, for example. It’s in the shade of this massive Natal mahogany where Harry Wolhuter, the park’s original ranger, held staff meetings and discussions.

Just beyond the restaurant and public area you’ll find the Wolhuter Hut, one of the original huts that were built to accommodate guests in the park. It is now clear where the architectural style of the camps originated.


The swimming pool at Pretoriuskop is half man made and half natural rock

Getting to Pretoriuskop Rest Camp

Pretoriuskop is the westernmost camp in the park and lays 10km from the Numbi Gate (Kruger National Park: Day Visitors and entrance gates) on a tarred road, making access easy. The town of White River can be found 36 kilometres from the gate. If you don’t want to spend all your time here, it’s ideal for a first or last night in the park.

Nitty gritty

ATMs: no
Credit card facilities: yes
Mobile reception: great
Cost: from R200 a person

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