Braai recipes: The Democratic Republic of Braai

Posted on 14 September 2015

Heritage Day, aka National Braai Day, is upon us again. It’s the herald of spring – the long-awaited long weekend at that cherished time of year when we finally have enough light and warmth after work to feel like getting some friends around for a mid-week braai.

The Democratic Republic of Braai.
And if you’re looking for some inspiration beyond the standard chops and boerie, grab a copy of National Braai Day founder Jan Braai’s latest book – The Democratic Republic of Braai. It’s the third in the series, packed with recipes you never thought possible to cook over an open flame.

A classic cheese cake? Sure that can be done on the braai. A carrot cake potjie? No problem.

As with any book on braaiing you’ll find plenty of novel ways to grill steak, chicken and burgers, but with braaied sweet pepper salads, banana and Nutella wraps, malva pudding, and breakfast braai muesli, there are plenty of recipes that’ll take you step by step to a totally new braaiing experience. There are seafood dishes too – all sassi green list – together making a total of 85 intriguing new recipes to try this summer.

Jan Braai is on a mission to get all South Africans to unite around a shared pastime – the braai. It doesn’t matter whether you’re flipping mushrooms or skilpadjies this Braai Day, it’s the day to get out there with friends, family, and – most importantly – strangers, and remember how far we’ve come, how far we still have to go, and how happy we all are with a full belly around a hot fire.

Looking for last minute recipes that don’t require a trip to the book store?

Try our ultimate Braai Day recipe guide. If you don’t find something here we really don’t know how else we can help you.

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