Where to fill up on the best snacks on your next road trip

Posted by Anita Froneman on 30 April 2021

Road trips are all about the drive, the scenery, the playlist and stopping along the road to freshen up and fill up. Whether you’re doing it alone or with friends or family, it’s about making memories that will last a lifetime.

Where to fill up on the best snacks on your next road trip

No road trip would be the same without a stopover at one of FreshStop at Caltex’s 310 stores nationwide. FreshStop at Caltex is the largest and fastest-growing convenience store retail brand in South Africa and is a partnership between two of the country’s most respected brands, Food Lover’s Market and Astron Energy, formally known as Chevron. FreshStop at Caltex has created a world-class forecourt convenience store experience, with its first store opening in 2009. FreshStop has been named International Convenience Retailer of the Year by NACS.  

The old days of a garage service station stores offering the 5Cs (cigarettes, cool drinks, chips, chocolates and push-button coffee) are long gone. FreshStop at Caltex retailers are committed to offering their customers a more holistic shopping experience that is competitively priced against conventional superettes and provides increased quality. Not only does a stop at FreshStop at Caltex give you the opportunity to fill up with fuel, but you get to fill up with a perfectly-made Barista coffee, fried or grilled chicken, road trip snacks, and airtime, as well as freshen up with some healthy nibbles, an energy drink and fresh, clean toilet facilities.

Filling Up at FreshStop

FreshStop is consistently focused on innovation and is a leader in the field of ‘foodvenience’ as well as offering value-added services for its customers. True to its name, FreshStop is a one-stop shop for fresh, quality fruit and vegetables, a selection of grocery items as well as a range of Grab n Go snacks for those on the move, such as fresh salads, sandwiches, wraps, pies, cooldrinks and a range of takeaway foods.

As a taste destination, many of its stores feature in-house hot food brands such as Crispy Chicken, Grill to Go, Hooked on Fish & Chips, Sausage Saloon, and Doughnut Delite outlets. Diners can rely on FreshStop for fresh, fast and quality hot food takeaways that hit the spot.

FreshStop initially launched its first in-house fast-food brand, Crispy Chicken, which serves freshly grilled and fried chicken prepared with our secret spices, in 2014 and it quickly gained market traction and customer support. With 90 Crispy Chicken outlets across South Africa, it continues to be the top-selling in-house food brand. Another winning in-house brand has been Grill to Go, which has 66 outlets nationally. The menu includes a selection of burgers, steak and boerewors rolls, as well as healthier options for customers such as delicious value-for-money flame-grilled chicken.

“Our focus is very much on convenience and ensuring that our customers can be in and out of the store in 10 minutes if they’re in a hurry to get back on the road, but it is also an opportunity for us to share our great food, friendly customer service and clean facilities with customers,” says Joe Boyle, Managing Director of FreshStop.

On the other hand, life’s a journey…so take some time out to enjoy a great cuppa. FreshStop has partnered with internationally-renowned coffee brands to offer a variety of coffee offerings, from Seattle Coffee Company and House of Coffees Barista-service coffee bars to self-service coffee machines serving gourmet coffee on the go.

Open 24/7, FreshStop at Caltex also caters for the more health-conscious consumer with its range of healthy snacks, fruit juices, smoothies and grilled hot food items.  In addition, an expanded range of on-the-go medical and health products, as well as household essentials such as batteries, will be available at the Health Essentials counter located at cashier stations.

At several of our key highway sites, FreshStop Diners are available for our customers. The FreshStop Diner, which has the look and feel of a modern, stylish American diner is the place to settle down and enjoy the many food offerings available in-store.

FreshStop Rewards App

The FreshStop Rewards App, available on Apple or Android, gives customers cash back on purchases made in-store. The Rewards App offers shoppers a range of product promotions that result in seriously good discounts. It’s easy to use and cash rewards earned are reflected in your Rewards Wallet – the more you shop the more cash rewards you earn.

Safety First

With convenience stores being open 24/7, South Africans have found stopping in to be a safe and time-saving shopping experience. With a growing demand for one-stop fuel and food purchases, customers feel welcome and confident to park, rest, shop and freshen up.

In addition, throughout the pandemic, great emphasis has been placed on ensuring that best hygiene practices are followed and thorough COVID-19 compliance protocols implemented. FreshStop works closely with its retailers, management and staff to ensure that their sites are spotless, from the pumps to the till points. Safety protocols go hand-in-hand with our excellent customer service and the staff are passionate about service and offering the best possible shopping experience.


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