Celebrate the king of the jungle

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World Lion Day falls on 10 August, each year. The day aims to create awareness about lions and the challenges that they face to survive.

In honour of these magnificent beasts, on World Lion Day, we have rounded up some of our favourite images from our Getaway Gallery entries over the years.

This image is one of two dominant males of the Rooiputs pride, found in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. Between them they successfully defended the pride (which included two young cubs) from a coalition of three young males attempting to take over the pride. Image by Rudi van den Heever


This image was taken in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, near the Kij Kij waterhole. Dr Johan Kloppers had seen this calf earlier in the day, shortly after it was born. Little did he know that he would later witness its death. The small herd of wildebeest had been walking towards the waterhole when they, unfortunately, passed some lion. This was when the calf was caught. Image by Dr Johan Kloppers


At 4.30am in the morning, this female lion spent a few seconds drinking at the night hide of Zimanga Private game reserve. Image by Anna-Mart Kruger


In the Maasai Mara is a photograph of a lion in the rain. Image by Jaco Marx


In Sabi Sands game reserve in Mpumalanga, on a night drive, this male lion was gazing thoughtfully at something it had heard off in the distance. Image by Leander de Koker


A drive in the Kgalagadi Transfronteir Park is where Tessa came across two lionesses and a young male lion lying under a tree next to the road. After driving 6km further on they noticed that a thunderstorm was approaching and decided to turn back and see if the lions were still in the same place. They found them, with the lionesses looking utterly unimpressed with the rain. Image by Teresa Nel


Being the only vehicle at Geinab Waterhole, In Kgalagadi, Annemarie waited for the sun to set. Suddenly two females and two cubs appeared from the dunes, and headed straight for the waterhole. After drinking, the two cubs were very playful, giving them an awesome show. Image by Annemarie du Plessis


To actively support Worl Lion Day, donate to campaigns such as the Trek for Big Cats, educate yourself on captive lion breeding and canned hunting industry in South Africa by watching documentaries such as the Blood Lions (2015) and read our article on animal encounters.