Alternative energy

Posted by Matt Sterne on 22 August 2018

Sometimes we need a little extra push on our adventures. We found some products that do just that.

Powerball plus

Local celebrity chef Sarah Graham was frustrated with the junk food and processed snacks on offer at stops during road trips, and the dearth of healthy alternatives. So she created the Nourish Power Ball. The 35g gluten- and dairy-free snacks come in two flavours – cacao and cranberry (with a dark-chocolate taste) and coconut bliss (sweet and a little creamy) – and are made from 100% natural ingredients.

A protein punch

R30 – R40,
My Protein Pantry range of ‘functional foods’ offers more protein and less sugar than ordinary snacks. Made in SA, these products came about because people are wanting healthier treats.
They taste delicious and are an ideal grab-andgo snack for a hike or even at work. There are nine varieties, including chocolate whey-coated pumpkin seeds and espresso beans, chocolate snacking ‘bark’ (chocolate shards) and red-velvet protein balls.

Save the date


These date treats, made from natural ingredients sourced from sustainable farms in Canada, are packed with nutrition. Trail Nuggets bars are also glutenfree, vegan, kosher and non-GMO. Each 60g bar is 210 – 220 calories, and 99% of the sugars come from the dates. The bars have a one-year shelf life and come in three flavours: beet-orange, lemon-almond and peanut-coco.

Suck it up

Ever longed for an extra set of lungs when bagging that peak? Well, now you’ve got it, in a bottle. Boost Oxygen is 95 per cent purified oxygen and five per cent ambient air that gives an energy boost, helps with recovery and
it’s claimed even cures hangovers. The 650ml canister is easy to use and provides 120 – 150 inhalations.
It’s recommended to take three to five inhalations before and after an activity, but the dosage changes depending on your activity. The canisters come in natural, peppermint, pink-grapefruit and mentholeucalyptus flavours.

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