Authentic SA food everyone loves

Posted by Anita Froneman on 17 April 2020

South Africans love a good meal, and we love sharing one too. There’s nothing as cosy as sitting around a large dinner table and eating delicious food with your loved ones.

While we enjoy food from around the world, we will always have a special place for our authentic South African foods, because local is lekker.

Here are some of our favourite foods, inspired by all the different cultures and unique produce our country has to offer.

Biltong and droë wors


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Simple ingredients. Incredible flavours.⁠ ⁠ ⁠

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This is the one snack locals seem to miss most when travelling abroad, and what foreigners seemingly come back for. Enjoyed traditionally during a rugby game, it’s also popular on hikes or camping trips.

Milk tart


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No one else can make it like your ouma. This smooth and creamy dessert is a classic tea time treat! It can be baked or put in the fridge, but is incomplete without a sprinkle of cinnamon on top.

Boerie roll


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The first thing you look for at a music festival, or a classic weekend lunch. Hefty debates have been sparked around what sauce goes with it. All Gold, mustard, or tomato and onion relish?


Originally a Malay dish, this warm, comforting meal has become a favourite. Some like it spicy, some like raisins in it, but everyone loves it.

Braai bread


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Tomato? Check. Cheese? Check. Onion? Check, but cut the corner off for that one guy that doesn’t eat onion. Chutney or mayonnaise? Up for debate…

Malva pudding

Nothing like a malva pudding after Sunday lunch, fresh and steaming from the oven. Dress it in cream, custard or ice cream,

Bunny chow

Hailing from the Indian South African population in Durban, the whole country is now in love. Slice a bread in half, hollow it out and fill with mouthwatering curry. What more could you want?



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You haven’t truly lived if you haven’t finished a gatsby. Originating from the Cape, this large submarine sandwich is filled with anything from fish to ham to cheese, but the essential ingredient is ‘slap’ chips.

Mealie pap and chakalaka

What braai is complete without ‘pap and sous’? Mealie porridge is a staple in many parts of Africa, but has become somewhat of an icon on South Africa’s food scene. Some eat it with chakalaka (a spicy tomato and bean relish), some eat it with milk and sugar, but it usually accompanies meat.

Image: Instagram/Riaanbraai

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