Best foodie festivals to visit in SA

Posted on 14 June 2024 By Louise Bell

From the harmonious sizzles of a braai to the tantalising aromas permeating the air, a food festival in South Africa is a sensory adventure like no other. Throughout the year, a diverse array of food-centric gatherings are held, each one a unique celebration of a specific cuisine or product.

Facebook/Knysna Oyster Festival

Are you interested in learning more about the drool-worthy events in South Africa? Take a look at a few options you can sip and nibble the day away.

Knysna Oyster Festival

An annual event that drives flocks to the charming sandy bays of Knysna, this seafood festival is a must for any seafood lover. Beyond eating your weight in oysters, this festival has a wide selection of activities and attractions to keep any festival-goer entertained.

From live musical performances to exciting events such as a forest marathon, the Knysna Oyster Festival always offers something to see and do.

Food, Wine and Beer Festival

The Food, Wine and Beer Festival in Limpopo is a diverse and jam-packed experience. From food-related shows and events to various culinary delights, this festival will surely create memorable (and tasty) moments. 

Formerly known as the Kiwi Festival, this event takes place at several venues and includes many showcases and activities. These include cooking demonstrations by local artisans/chefs and the delectable Slow Food Emporium.

Stellenbosch Wine Festival

A tannin-infused treasure of South Africa, the Stellenbosch Wine Festival celebrates the masterful craftsmanship of wine produced in this region. What makes this festival great is the immersive journey you embark on by walking around and sipping a stunning selection of wine varieties.

With over 60 acclaimed wine producers to sip and sample from, you’ll feel like a true wine connoisseur strolling through this event. Feeling peckish? Not to fret, as the Stellenbosch Wine Festival has plenty of small plates and food stalls to accompany your wine glasses.

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