Getaway’s favourite winter recipes

Posted by Adrian Brown on 31 May 2018

The best way to get through winter is by cooking delicious, warming recipes and eating them by the fire. Here are some of our most popular winter recipes to help you through the chilly months.


Rustic roasted tomato soup

Rustic tomato soup (cropped)
Roasting the tomatoes, peppers and garlic means that while you spend 30 minutes watching TV or reading a book, your ingredients for this roasted tomato soup are developing some beautifully rich, deep flavours without you having to lift a finger.


Wild mushroom risotto recipe

Nora's Mushroom Risotto from Delheim
This creamy, comforting wild mushroom risotto is just the thing when you need some carbs to fight off the winter chill.


Chicken and prawn curry

Luke Nair’s chicken and prawn curry recipe
This recipe comes courtesy of Luke Nair, head chef of the Oyster Box, Durban. This chicken and prawn curry is always a favourite at their daily curry buffet.


Beef and stout pie

Lucy Corne Stout Pie, cropped
When the weather turns cold and blustery, there’s nothing like a homemade pie. Why is this beef and stout pie the best? Well, apart from being easy and delicious, it has beer in it.


Sweet potato black bean enchiladas with roast red pepper sauce

Sweet potato black bean enchiladas with red pepper sauce recipe
This sweet potato and black bean enchilada dish is a favourite in the Getaway office. The combination of warm Mexican spices, fresh coriander, and lime juice is absolutely mouth-watering, and topped with the roasted red pepper chipotle sauce and melted cheese, you’ll find nothing better for cold days.


Slow-cooked Karoo lamb shank recipe

lamb shank, lamb
This slow-cooked lamb shank is absolutely perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon.


Traditional South African bobotie recipe

Photo by Michelle Parkin.
This traditional South African bobotie is moist, flavourful, and just what you need when the temperature drops.


Beef trinchado potjie

Beef trinchado
This delicious Portuguese beef trinchado is perfectly suited to being cooked on a fire – but if you make it on the stovetop this weekend, we promise not to tell.


Malva pudding

Because dessert in winter is a biological necessity, we’ve added this classic recipe for malva pudding. You’ve got to have it at least once this winter.

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