Deer Park Café: a great restaurant for all ages

Posted by Cassandra Shaw on 31 May 2011

If you’ve got kids, the Deer Park Café in Vredehoek is one of the best restaurants in Cape Town. The service is great, the atmosphere is chilled (there’s even a park), and the food’s good too.

From the minute you walk in, you’ll see exactly what I mean.  The décor is stylish and funky, yet the space is big enough that you don’t feel as though you’re trying to fit your whole family inside a sardine can. There’s plenty of space between tables for your pram, and there’s enough room for your kids to cruise around a bit if they want to. They’ve got more than one baby seat on hand [can you believe it?!]: so your young ones can feel like they’re part of the dining experience as well.

The über friendly staff is extremely helpful, and they really make your meal a pleasure.  They’ve got lots of delicious food to choose from, and a wide range of sinful cakes, pies, and tarts to tuck into. The portions are generous, and the prices are fair.

For this visit, my little family and I ordered a warm croissant with scrambled eggs for breakfast, and (because we deserved it) we shared a gorgeous piece of carrot cake.  To drink, I had a smooth Nutella-like hot chocolate (amazing!) my boyfriend had a café latte, and our 16 month old had his own baby cappuccino, (frothed milk with sprinkles on top). To say that he enjoyed it would be an understatement.

After our meal we headed out the back doors that open out into Rocklands Road Park. There is seating outside if you’re keen to have a warm drink while you watch the kids play, but with the cold weather we’ve been having lately, it may be nicer to sit inside until the weather improves.

The playground is excellent.  It’s a wide open space with a few mini jungle gyms, swings, and slides.  It’s on a bit of an incline though, so for mobile babies and toddlers, you may want to walk alongside them.

All in all, it’s a wonderful place to try out (or return to) the next time you’re in town.

Contact details for Deer Park Café

Address: 2 Deer Park Avenue, Vredehoek, Cape Town
Tel 021-462-6311

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