Mac & cheese stuffed chicken with rooibos-infused BBQ garbanzo beans

Posted by David Henning on 15 September 2021

Season 6 winner of Ultimate Braai Master, Corné Bornman – affectionately known as “Borries” says with the near-death of the hospitality industry as a result of the pandemic, he has been spending more time than ever in front of the fire. It also gave him time to perfect his new line of braai spices and sauces, called, Brafia available online from the Brafia Facebook page for those that want to replicate the flavours at home.

Here is his recipe for a Mac & Cheese Stuffed Chicken served with Rooibos-infused & Brafia BBQ Garbanzo Beans, Brinjal Chips, Fire Roasted Butternut, and Deep-fried Leeks.

Whole chicken, fresh – debone the chest cavity out, legs and wings bones intact. Season meat side with Brafia Gin Rub and set aside for stuffing.

· 40g butter
· 20g flour
· 250 ml milk
· 100 ml cream
· Salt and pepper and a pinch of nutmeg
· 1 bunch leeks – trim roots, slice white section and wash thoroughly. Thinly julienne darker top section, rinse, dry and deep fry at 160 C till golden and crispy.
· 250 ml grated cheese
· 250 g macaroni – simmered with salted water till soft.

1. Sauté sliced whites of leeks in butter, add flour and cook for 1 minute, add milk and cream in a steady stream while stirring to dissolve the flour. Bring to a simmer, season and cool down. Add the grated cheese and add to the cooked Macaroni.
2. Fill the deboned cavity of the chicken with the mixture and tie it up so that it stays inside while cooking.
3. Cook hot and fast 150 – 160 ºC with an offset fire in your fire oven of choice till cooked to an inside temp of 72 ºC.

· 500 g garbanzo beans (chickpeas) soaked in water overnight – cook till tender in 1.5 l salted water with 2 bags Rooibos tea and set aside.
· 100 g butter
· 250 ml Brafia Braai Master Sauce – froth butter and toast garbanzo beans till golden brown, add sauce and cooked till glazed
· Butternut, peeled, halved, seeded and seasoned – add some fresh herbs, drizzle with olive oil, season and wrap in foil. Cook on side of fire till tender. Brown over coals if colour is not great yet.
· Brinjal – thinly sliced, deep-fried till golden brown, seasoned.

· Cut and remove strings around the chicken and arrange all the items for serving.

Recipe courtesy of Corné “Borries” Bornman

Picture: Marius Henning

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