Walnut and coffee cake with butterscotch and Amarula ice cream

Posted on 19 October 2011

Eric Bulpitt, the chef at the Roundhouse Restaurant in Cape Town, has come up with some creative pudding recipes using Amarula. This is the first of them – a decadent walnut and coffee cake with pistachio paste and butterscotch and Amarula ice cream. Yum!

This recipe serves 30, so if you’re making it for less people then divide the ingredients by three.

Walnut and Coffee Cake

  • 5  eggs
  • 6 egg yolks
  • 350g cake flour
  • 25g  baking powder
  • 30g coffee powder
  • 130g treacle sugar
  • 250g canola oil
  • 100g grated carrots
  • 150g chopped walnuts
  • 50g castor sugar
  • 100ml cream

Heat cream and add coffee. Cream yolks and eggs with the treacle sugar till fluffy. Sieve dry ingredients together. Individually add flour, then coffee cream and finally oil to the egg mixture till combined. Incorporate carrots and nuts. Place cake mixture in an oiled baking tin and spread to 2cm thickness and bake for 15 min in an oven set at 175°C.

Butterscotch Sauce

  • 2 l  cream
  • 1 kg treacle sugar
  • 1 kg castor sugar
  • 1 kg butter
  • 500 g walnuts (finely ground)
  • 500 ml Amarula

Caramelise treacle and castor sugar in a pot on the stove.  Remove from the stove, add butter and cream. Return to the heat and bring to a boil. Stir in walnuts to incorporate. Chill and add Amarula.

Pistachio Paste (optional)

  • 250 g roasted pistachios
  • 250 g ground almonds
  • 50 g sugar


Blend together in food processor till you get a paste consistency.


Amarula ice cream

  • 250 g egg yolks (approximately 12 egg yolks)
  • 700 ml cream
  • 400 ml Amarula
  • 2  vanilla beans

Cream the yolks and vanilla seeds till pale. Heat cream with Amarula in a double boiler. Remove from the heat and temper into the yolk mixture. Let the mixture cool and freeze.



Cut the cake into slices and serve with butterscotch sauce and Amarula ice cream and with pistachio paste.

Photograph by C & D Heierli Photography

Recipe by Eric Bulpitt

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