Wine and ice-cream pairing at Clos Malverne

Posted on 16 February 2012

Yes, ice cream and wine pairing does sound a little strange. I have to admit that I thought the two definitely didn’t go together. So when I read about the decadent ice cream and wine tasting at Clos Malverne in Devon Valley, Stellenbosch, I just had to give it a try.

My friend and I arrived at the family-run wine estate in the heat of the day and were delighted to find tables outside under trees in the shade. People were dotted about enjoying wine (some enjoying ice cream too), a small dog snoozed on the step and there was a relaxed, casual feeling in the air. We immediately felt right at home. After taking everything in, including the sweeping view, we were shown to our own table under the trees and presented with four bottles of wine and four ramekins of ice cream. JP told us about the farm and an amusing story of how the ice cream and wine pairing came to be. I won’t give away all his secrets, but let’s just say that it involved a fairly late night with lots of wine and a sudden craving for ice cream. The next morning saw many opened tubs of ice cream with half drunk bottles of wine on the kitchen table and thus, an idea was born. Some will agree that the best ideas come along after a few drinks!

The ice cream looked beautiful and it tasted as good as it looked. My personal favourite was the Lychee & Lime ice cream (paired with the Clos Malverne Sauvignon Blanc), but they all tasted heavenly. There’s also Mandarin & Pistachio Praline, Strawberry & White Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Chip. Clos Malverne’s winemaker Suzanne Coetzee helped to pair chef Nadia Louw Smith’s ice creams with her favourite cellar gems to create a perfect partnership that would seem so unlikely.

Speaking of pairings, my friend and I made a good team. I was there mostly for the ice cream and she was there mostly for the wine. Good friendships are like good pairings, one balances the other one out. So whilst I can seriously vouch for the divine ice cream, here are her tasting notes:

Clos Malverne Sauvignon Blanc and Lychee & Lime ice cream
The tart ice cream takes the slightly sour edge off the Sauvignon Blanc making the wine become very subtle.

Le Café (their new coffee-style pinotage) with Mandarin & Pistachio Praline ice cream
The smokiness of the wine is complimented by the sweet caramel of the ice cream.

Auret (the estate’s flagship Cape Blend) with the all-time favourite Strawberry & White Chocolate ice cream
The wine tones down the very sweet ice cream, resulting in both ending up being exremely palatable.

Clos Malverne Pinotage Reserve and decadant Dark Chocolate Chip ice cream
The dark chocolate ice cream has bitter undertones which compliments the well-aged wine.

Wine and ice cream connoissoirs we may not be, but we relished all of it. There was much ooohing and aaaahing and sipping of wine with ice cream dribbling down our chins. It really was a perfect morning out. But don’t take my word for it, pop in and try it for yourself.

Experience the melt-in-your-mouth magic until the end of April, from Tuesday to Saturday between 10h00 and 16h00. Pre-booking is advised. It’ll set you back R55 and is worth every cent. You can also buy bottles of the estate’s wine which are reasonably priced. Unfortunately (for me) the ice cream is not available to take home (but I am working on them).

For more information about these super cool indulgences or to book contact Clos Malverne Estate on tel 021-865-2022, email [email protected],

A little more about Clos Malverne Estate

Clos Malvern has a certain warmth about it and it could have something to do with the fact that this wine estate has been in the Pritchard family for 26 years. Everything on the estate is run or managed by a member of the family – keeping it in the family, so to speak. They use a traditional ‘handmade’ style of winemaking where the grapes are softly basket pressed and they still use open fermentation tanks. In addition, all caps are punched down by hand. Their Sauvignon Blanc is in the top 10 wines of South Africa (awarded in 2011) and they are very proud of their Pinotage le Cafe. This new addition to their range has prominent aromas of coffee, mocha and chocolate, with spicy undertones of cinnamon and notes of roasted coffee beans that end with a smooth lingering aftertaste.

But it’s not all about wine tastings at Clos Malverne. There’s a spa where you can forget about all your troubles while having luxurious body treatments and receive a free bottle of Clos Malverne wine (with all spa packages). The restaurant serves lunch and is rated as one of the top restaurants in Stellenbosch. Enjoy a meal with friends or family whilst taking in views of the valley. I am definitely going back to try their four-course tasting menu – R178 for a four-course meal with wine (and Caramel and Mango Fridge Cheese Cake!)

You could also get married at Clos Malverne – now that’s the ultimate pairing!


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