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Posted by Athenkosi Matyalana on 16 August 2013

Funny signs are addictive. Once you indulge in them, it’s hard to stop! It starts by visiting your favourite funny signs websites twice a week. These signs bring happiness into your life and eventually, it becomes a habit. Your week isn’t complete without seeing one. An hour turns into a day, a day into a week and suddenly you’re trapped forever.

On weekends, you search the net or drive around hoping you could spot one. Armed with a camera or cellphone, you survey every space for these jewels. Some people even travel around the world in search of  funny signs! When you find one, your world changes. The joy isn’t permanent though, you have take a photograph and store it for later.

Here’s your weekly dose of top 10 funny signs from around the world.


That explains the huge tummy.


Photo from



The chips and sauce are very useful. Andre Liebenberg found this sign in Kruger Natural Park.


Street for idiots.


Photo from Robert R Gigliotti



Someone accidentally hit caps lock and completely changed the meaning. Now the sign does not sound sexist at all.


Image from buzzfeed



OK, I'm convinced.


Photo by Alex & Rachel Johnson



Before you start liking it here, there's something you need to know. Karin Swanepoel from Glenvista, Johannesburg took this photo in Bad Gastein, Austria.



Stop playing games. Where's the hotel?


Photo from Oddly Specific



Family planning or spend all your days at the district court trying to escape child support.


Photo by Jeff McDonald



Someone just solved a difficult math problem.


Photo from Oddly Specific



There's no reason why you shouldn't buy our meat.


Image by imgur

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