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Posted by Athenkosi Matyalana on 23 August 2013
English comic actor and filmmaker Sir Charles Spencer “Charlie” Chaplin once said, ‘A day without laughter is a day wasted’.  He was right. We cling to the beautiful memories and things that bring laughter to our lives. Funny signs are one of those things. If you have had a hard week, these funny signs could be exactly what you need to turn it around.

Not a good place to take your baby.


Photo by D.R Wertz via Sign Spotting 



It's ok as long as you do it before dusk.


Photo by  DAVID HOFER via Signspotting



Driving tips for 4WD drivers. Gary Ives came across this sign on his way to Ngepi camping,Namibia




This is one place where touching stranger's asses is legal.


Image by Trevor Warren via Sign Spotting


Perfect way to make non-flushers feel guilty.


Image from Huffington Post




Restaurant for constipated people.


Photo by Andrew Kelly




If only I could read this sign.


 Photo from funny signs. net



Mine is bigger than yours. Gary Ives found this sign on his way to Ngepi camping site , Namibia.




This sounds dangerous. Drop the smoke or prepare to face the consequences.


Photo by Karen Hunt via funny



It would so much better if the balcony was on ground level. I'm too lazy to walk up the stairs.


Photo from funny


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