Funny signs of the week

Posted by Athenkosi Matyalana on 4 September 2013


Funny signs have a great way of connecting people on the internet. They have the ability to make people from various parts of the globe experience a similar emotio – happiness. Each time we discover a sign on the internet, we smile, knowing that it had a similar effect on other people.  By virtue of clicking on the image, you are now part of the circle of smiles across the globe. It doesn’t stop there, you may extend the circle of happiness by sharing it on social media. Your  friends or followers  might share the sign with their other buddies and a larger web of happiness is created. To keep the cycle of smiles going, here’s the best funny signs of the week.



This sign could cause more violence!

Image from Heavy



Great job, Tony!

Image from DrJohnBullas



Be nice and you might get a discount.

Image from Not always right





Photo from



Oh we know what Uncle Bob's capable of.

Photo from



Just stay away. Sent in by Deon Bezuidenhout .



What happens here on Wednesdays?

Photo by dawn =^..^= 


Oh crap! I'm not eating this.

Photo from



Anything goes on Fridays.Joanna Cooke found this sign outside a restaurant in Kalk Bay.



Whoever said crime doesn't pay didn't what they were talking about.

Photo by  Chrysaora

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