6 rather funny family travel photos

Posted by Danielle Barnes on 6 September 2013

Ever had a bad holiday photo? Perhaps your eyes were closed at the crucial moment, or maybe someone caught you in a rather precarious position. Whatever it was, the chances are it wasn’t half as bad as these humorous holiday photographs (if it was, please send them to us at [email protected]). The following selection takes the cake … and all that goes with it for the most awkward holiday photos on the net.

They say that travelling can be more taxing the older you are. Here the proof is in the photograph.

Photo submitted by Francis via AwkwardFamilyPhotos

No holiday is complete without a staged family portrait in matching outfits!

Photo submitted by Andrew via AwkwardFamilyPhotos


Are we interrupting something here?

Photo submitted by Jesse via AwkwardFamilyPhotos 


You know how they say that owners look like their dogs. Well...this applies to trees and people too!

Photo submitted by Rosa via preposTourist.


This just ... I just ... What?

Photo submitted by Andy via preposTourist.


Excuse me ladies.

Photo submitted by Becca via preposTourist.


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