Funny signs of the week

Posted on 23 November 2012

We all happen across them from time to time. Little pockets of humour spread all over the countryside. It doesn’t matter whether it is in a remote little village or on your everyday travels; a funny sign, whether intentional or not, can often make your journey memorable – or at the very least, liven up your day. This week’s funny signs were compiled by Kerry Peers.

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The following funny signs were recently sent in by our readers:



Peter Jordan thinks this is a great, original addition to the speed bump sign, indicating that graffiti is, in his opinion, a noble art form. When driving in Pretoria North, Peter actually looks out for this sign and enjoys the artists handy work again and again.



Seen in a commercial centre in Windhoek, Aldo Conti was really glad that the sign specified that the toilets would be closed when they were not open, otherwise he might have been confused.



When Marthinus Nel went for lunch at a new food store that opened in Bulawayo, he discovered  a special he had never seen before. Not sure that sounds very appetising…



Wilma Hoefnagels avoided parking in this area outside the Southerton Police station in Harare, as she was trying to prove that her vehicle wasn’t stolen. Would have been a pretty incriminating move had she chosen to park within those gates!


Getaway funny signs


Michelle and Andrew Martin found this highly descriptive sign in the back streets of Steytlerville while on a photography course.


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If you think you have happened upon a sign worthy of this space please email it to [email protected]

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