Eco-friendly camping gear

Posted by Matt Sterne on 20 November 2019

If you’re spending time in nature, make sure your kit goes green too, writes Gear Editor Matthew Sterne.

1. The Travel Set

The beauty of this set is how it can roll up into the size of a small napkin and slip inside your bag. All the handmade implements are 100% biodegradable; the straws are made from bamboo and the straw cleaner, knife, fork and spoon from coconut.

2. Coconut Bowls (set of 2)

Handcrafted from coconut shells, these bowls balance nicely on a table and create a rustic dining experience. Use them for soup, salad, noodles or even ice cream.

3. Vango Bamboo Coffee Mug

This 470ml coffee mug is ideal to use when camping, at home (it’s dishwasher safe) and on the road. And, because it’s made from bamboo, it’s extremely light.

4. EcoSoulife Camper Set

Now you can eat your food with utensils that used to be food! Made from vegetable waste matter made up of corn starch, bamboo and rice husks, this biodegradable set contains a dinner plate, bowl, camper cup and three-piece cutlery set. They have a smooth feel and are safe in both the dishwasher
and microwave.

5. GreenLite Firelighters

It’s National Braai Day in September so celebrate the nontoxic way using these impressive firelighters. Made in South Africa from recyclable materials, vegetable oils and natural colourants, they’re paraffin free, have a low odour and a good burn time of around 15 minutes.

6. Beautiful Biodegradables Picnic Pack

Ensure your next outdoor meal is plastic free and compostable. Everything in this four-person set is 100% plant-based and the bagasse (sugar-cane extract) plates are surprisingly sturdy – a step up from paper plates.


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