Meet the new Ice Queen

Posted by Matt Sterne on 3 April 2018

This flask can keep ice for 24 hours and coffee warm for six. It’s the perfect beach or mountain accessory.

Hydro Flask

Up to 24 hours of ice in a flask? That’s Hydro Flask’s almost unbelievable claim. So I put it to the test and filled it with ice and left it on my office desk for a full day and night. The following morning the ice cubes were sitting there, still crisp and in shape, as if I had recently added them.

Next, I took it outside to test in an extreme environment: the dashboard of Ruth, my Citi Golf, aka ‘The Mobile Oven’ (it has no aircon). I added six blocks of ice (the broad mouth makes filling it with standard-size ice cubes easy) to some tap water and left it on Ruth’s blazing dash on a hot Cape Town day. Four hours later the flask was as hot as beach sand and the ice had melted but the water inside was still icy cold. After five hours the water had finally lost its iciness you’d get from one of those fuel-station fridges. Not bad for just six blocks of ice!

Finally, I tested its thermal capabilities by filling it with hot coffee on a cool morning. Six hours later, it was still warm enough to enjoy.

The Hydro Flask’s secret is its professional-grade stainless steel double-wall insulation, which protects liquid from the elements and stops thermal transfer in both directions.

It’s available in 12 styles and eight colours (I found the coloured bottles offer more grip and absorb the sun’s heat less than the non-coated bottles). There’s even a food flask and a 1.9L beer growler, which is perfect for when the cooler box is too bulky (or if you’re just really thirsty).

From R429,


This review first appeared in the January 2017 issue of Getaway magazine.

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