5 airline safety videos worth watching

Posted by Gabrielle Jacobs on 1 August 2019

Sometimes airlines step outside the box and manage to not only make safety videos less boring, but also really funny and entertaining!

Here are five clips from the last five years we think are worth your time:

1. Air New Zealand

Patriotic or not, you’ll have a good laugh in Air New Zealand’s latest flight safety clip, featuring character Louis Litt from legal drama Suits and some other famous haka-performing men-in-black. Just in time for the Rugby World Cup, too.


2. Singapore Airlines

You may be transported to a new and wondrous world, so pay attention to this safety video – some of the equipment onboard may differ to other craft…

3. British Airways

British Airways really tugged on our silver-screen heartstrings with this one, which features some famous British personalities lending their voices and humour for a collaboration between the airline and the Comic Relief charity.

4. Icelandair

This one really inspires some typical Getaway-style wanderlust. Prepare for an adventure through arresting Icelandic landscapes.

5. Air France

In 2018, Air France’s safety video featured all things French – by far the most chic flight safety video ever seen.

Featured image: Air New Zealand via Youtube

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