Choose the colour of your hotel room based on your mood

Posted by Ondela Mlandu on 23 November 2018 Tags:,

Image from Angad Art Hotel

The Angad Arts Hotel has recently opened in the art district of St. Louis in Missouri, along the Mississippi River in the United States. This hotel’s novel concept allows guests to pick a room based on their current emotional state: call it the mood ring of hotels.

All 146 rooms were boldly decorated by designer Reuben Reuel.  The choice is yours, depending on how you feel when you check in. The green room represents rejuvenation, sunshine yellow is for happiness, oceanic blue stands for tranquility and red represents the colour of passion.

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This futuristic 12-story hotel features the aptly named Chameleon Lounge and the Angad Rainbow Terrace, which offers ‘sweeping rooftop views of the city’. The innovative hotel is housed inside a revamped 20th-century building, the old Missouri Theatre built in 1927. The hotel’s name is an acronym for their five pillars of service: Anticipation, Nurturing, Graciousness, Apology and Details.

The room rates range from  $185 (R2,574) to $315 (R4,383) per night. The best part about this hotel, is that you can bring your pooch along with you.