Barcelona – a time lapse

Posted by Adel Groenewald on 16 October 2013

Time lapses and breathtaking travel videos may just be one of the best ways to see the most beautiful side of any country or city these days. We’ve shared many on our blog already, but they never get old. Just have a look at this sublime travel video called Fragments of Iceland or Mirror City: time lapse photography like you’ve never seen it before.

Personally, I love a good time lapse and this striking three-minute video by Alexandr Kravtsov is yet another stunner. It may not be the type of music you’d associate with travel videos, but it gives a new spark to the art of the time lapse. This one has all the wanderlust and big dreams, but it also has energy and vigour. Not only does it make you want to go to Barcelona right now, but it inspires you want to live a full and vibrant life once you get there.

Some interesting facts: This video took 480 gigabytes of material to make, 24 000 photos and almost 100 subway rides. It was undoubtedly, one hundred percent, worth the effort.

Barcelona: A short motion time lapse movie by Alexandr Kravtsov


BARCELONA. MOTION TIMELAPSE from Alexandr Kravtsov on Vimeo.

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