International Drone Photography Contest winners

Posted by Lucinda Dordley on 22 January 2019

Each year, Dronestagram hosts an International Drone Photography Contest, in which competitors enter photographs depicting different natural elements. The online aerial photography-sharing platform selected three winners from a plethora of entries in 2018. Their pictures will leave you stunned at the beauty drones are able to capture of locations across the world.


‘Hungry Hippos’ by Zekedrone

‘Hungry Hippos’ was captured by Zekedrone in Tanzania


In first place came this unique aerial shot of hippos frolicking in muddy waters in Tanzania. The photograph was taken by Zekedrone and captures these magnificent animals in their natural habitat.


‘Fishing Net in Vietnam’ by Trung Pham

Trung Pham is well-known for his photographs of Vietnam which capture its natural beauty


Taken from the skies of Vietnam, Pham captured the exact moment when a seemingly luminescent fishing net was cast into the water. The net’s bright colours contrast sharply against the dark ocean water, creating a beautiful image.


‘2 People, 2 Dogs, 4 Shadows’ by Yevhen Samuchenko

This incredible image by Yevhen Samuchenko has won multiple awards and accolades


This award-winning photograph shows two people walking on a beach with two dogs. From this bird’s eye view, one can see the long shadows of the four subjects and the transition from ocean to sand.


Some other remarkable drone images featured on the Dronestagram site include:


‘Utah, 2018’ by Eric Hanscom


‘Bali Barat National Park, Indonesia’ by Capungaero


‘Turgoyak, Miass, Russian Federation’ by Maksim Tarasov


Pictures: Dronestagram

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