Photoblog: south and central Namibia in photos

Posted by Chris Davies on 24 July 2014 Tags:, , , ,

In April 2014 I spent some time road-tripping through south and central Namibia. It was my first time exploring this beautiful region – or regions really – the landscape changes so dramatically and so quickly it can feel like you’re moving through entirely new countries in just a few hours.

What I found was a series of incredibly photogenic Namibian landscapes; wide vistas that were at their best in the warm reds and yellows of late afternoon light. When the scene allowed, I shot staggered portraits which I later stitched together in Photoshop. These perspectives can be a little misleading, but they’re a great way to capture the overwhelming sense of space that is so wonderful about Namibia. Here are some of my favourites. All (well, most) shots taken between 4 and 6pm, somewhere on the road in Namibia.

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Namibia, sunset

This was my first Namibian sunset. Wild camping in the drizzling rain on the D459 near the Konkiep River.


sunset, namibia, storm

This shot was taken into a gathering storm on the approach into Ai-Ais Resort. Camp staff later told me it was some of the heaviest rain they had ever seen in the area.


storm, namibia, sunset

This is the same storm gathering strength over the canyon. There was lightning everywhere and I stopped for some time trying to capture it. In the end I decided I’d rather not drive too long in the dark, gave up, and headed to Ai-Ais.


sunset, namibia, colours, clouds

The last of this series, and this one a little further down the road to Ai-Ais Resort. The colours are not Photoshopped. One of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen.


Fish Rive Canyon, Hobas, Namibia, sunset

The next day I left early for Hobas and arrived in time to see the sunset over the Fish River Canyon.


Fish River Canyon, Namibia, sunset

The Fish River was in full flow after the heavy rains of the night before.


Namibia, highway, roads, sunset

Next stop Aus. This is the B4 highway as it descends from Konkiep to Aus and the coast beyond. Not many cars on it at this time of day.


klein aus vista, dawn, namibia

In Aus I stayed at Klein Aus Vista which I can highly recommend. This is a cheat (dawn not sunset) – the view from my little chalet.


Luderitz, sunset, shark island

Next stop, Luderitz. Not my favourite Namibian town I have to admit, but sunset from Shark Island was worth seeing.


Namibia, D707, sunset, ford ranger

From Luderitz I drove back up the B4 to Aus and then took the C13 north towards Sossusvlei. This was taken on the absolutely must-do D707 loop that runs west from the C13 around the Tiras Mountains. One of the best roads in Namibia for sure.


sunset, namibia, D707

Another shot looking west from the D707. The road is sandy and corrugated in places, but a few bumps are definitely worth it.


deadvlei, sossusvlei, dawn

And then it was Sossusvlei. This is the second anomaly in that it’s dawn not sunset, but the quality of light is much the same. This is taken form the ‘Big Daddy’ dune, with Deadvlei behind me.


namibia, road, landscape

From Sossusvlei I headed north and west, through the Kuiseb Canyon and into the northern Namib-Naukluft National Park. This is late afternoon along the C14.


Kuiseb River, Homeb campsite, namibia, dunes, desert

We stayed overnight at the Homeb River campsite (the last of my three dawn shots). I have never camped anywhere more spectacular. The red Namib dunes rising high over the green line of the Kuiseb River.


Namibia, homeb, dunes, desert

Homeb camp is very basic. No facilities except for a couple of poorly maintained pit loos. The scenery is spectacular however. Mordor comes to mind.


dunes, namibia, sandwich harbour, sunset, live the journey, guided tours namibia

From Walvis Bay we did a short overnight trip to Sandwich Harbour with ‘Live the Journey’ tours. The dune driving is challenging and very fun. Highly recommended.


salt pans, sunset, namibia, skeleton coast

From Walvis Bay up to the Skeleton Coast National Park, the scenery changes dramatically yet again. These are the coastal salt pans near St. Nowhere campsite and spa, 20km south of the Ugab River.


fishing, sunset, skeleton coast, namibia

There’s not much to do on the Skeleton Coast except sit, think and fish. These fishermen were trying their luck just south of Terrace Bay.


skeleton coast, fog, sunset, namibia

Fog is a common sight along the Skeleton Coast making for great moody photos and long, increasingly gloomy afternoons.


aba-huab, Twefelfontein, namibia, sunset, camping

From the coast there are a number of routes inland, on main road, 4×4 tracks and up sandy river beds. this shot was taken west of Twefelfontein, wild camping on the Aba-Huab River.


namibia, messum crater, sunset

South of Twefelfontein is the Messum Crater. About 18km across, the 130-million-year-old crater is ringed by low hills, and the bumpy track cuts through the middle with scattered welwitschia plants on either side.


spitzkop, namibia, sunset, mountains, granite

Spitzkop: the last stop before Windhoek and home. The granite outcrops glow red in the fading light.


Spitzkop, Sunset, Namibia, spitzkuppe

This reminded me of the scene in first Hobbit movie: The ‘lonely mountain’ is Klein Spitzkop as seen looking west from the main Spitzkop campsite. Goodbye Namibia. You were awesome.