10 of the best Youtube travel channels on Africa

Posted by Athenkosi Matyalana on 12 July 2013

You’re bored at work, creativity has gone south and that meeting at 10:00 am this morning didn’t help either. What do you do? You watch a YouTube video. It could either be a joke that is circling around the office or a drunk man chasing an elephant in the Kruger National Park. The good news is you could take that energy (read: company internet) and use it to plan your next travel expedition. To make things easier for you, here is a list of awesome Youtube travel channels that focus on Southern Africa.

1. South African Tourism

As a showcase for tourism in South Africa, the South African Tourism channel has been tailored to cover everything the country has to offer. The channel does not only focus on beautiful landscapes, wildlife and adventure but also captures events, art and the diverse cultures that colour the Rainbow Nation. From Zulu warriors in traditional attire to the beautiful Hole in the Wall in Coffee Bay, the South African Tourism channels brings it all to you Mzansi style! Actor and author Marilu Henner recently visited the country with South African Tourism. Here’s a video of her time in the country.

2. Africa Travel Channel

If you are looking for a place to stay in Africa, then Africa Travel Channel is worth visiting. The channel is brimming with various African destinations, awesome safaris and great accommodation options. With in-depth looks into various holiday, property and investment options, this channel will make you fall in love with the continent. Here’s one of their most watched accommodation videos: Wonderkloof Hydro & Spa Nelspruit South Africa

3. AfroFood TV

It is impossible to capture to experience a culture without getting a taste of the local food. AfroFoodTV explores all the various food flavours of the continent. Yeti (the host) dishes out the various recipes and cooking styles that have remained on the African continent for generations. Here is a video of Yeti showing us how to make Chapati (East African flat bread).

4. Africa Geographic

Although not regularly updated, Africa Geographic channel has some awesome content. Backed by a lively travel magazine, the channel’s content varies from shark-cage diving in Gansbaai and expeditions in Okavango Delta to a lion attacking a vulture in a zebra carcass (watch below).

5. SANParks

One of the reasons people travel is so they could explore the wildlife of the country. The SANParks channel encompasses everything related to South African wildlife. With videos ranging from anti-rhino poaching efforts in Kruger National Park to the majestic elephants at Addo Elephant National Park in the Eastern Cape, this youtube channel is all-in-one digital safari. Here’s a video of a leopard chasing a cheetah at Kgalagadi shared by Kevin Taskes on the channel.

6. BBC Worldwide

If there’s one Youtube channel that zooms the lens on unexplored corners and interesting facts about life on this planet, it is BBC. From lions hunting in the African wilderness to eye-catching natural wonders, the BBC Worldwide channel will open your eyes to all sorts of amazing destinations. Check out the Amazing! Bird sounds from the lyre bird video by Sir David Attenborough below (here’s an interview with Sir David Attenborough on Africa if you have no clue who he is).

7. Baobab International

News, music and nature videos build the pro-Southern African travel channel Baobab International. With videos on conservation efforts, wildlife and travel from SADirect, this channel is a great place to learn about the latest travel news in the southermost tip of Africa. Check out the cool Travel to Swaziland video below.

8. Africatrip100 Channel

Athough we prefer to enoucrage actual travel than the desktop variety, Africatrip100 is a great place to learn about African cultures. If you’re planning to live amongst the Masai in Kenya or the Himba in Namibia, then Afritrip100 is your guidebook. Below is a feature video on African Native Tribe-Himba People  from the channel.

9. Rhino Africa Safaris

Rhino Africa Safaris are the go-to guys for tailored safaris in Southern and Eastern Africa. Their Youtube channel features the most spectacular destinations, awesome safaris and luxurious accomodation options south of the horn of Africa. With great content on adventures and wildlife, Rhino Africa Safaris will have you planning that long overdue holiday. Here’s a feature video on South Africa from the channel.

10. Getaway Channel

Best for last? This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the Getaway Channel. At the moment we’re featuring entries from our Project Getaway competition (see them on the Project Getaway Playlist), as well as all sorts of African travel and wildlife videos. If you like the Getaway Blog and Getaway magazine, you should definitely check it out!



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