30 wild dogs cause road block in Kruger National Park

Posted on 26 December 2020

There’s nothing like a bush roadblock. These occur when an animal, or a number of animals decide the paved road is more enjoyable than the veld, forcing drivers to comply with the new, momentary regulations.

What makes a bush roadblock even more exciting is when it’s caused by an endangered predator, en masse.

Latest Sightings shared an incredible photo of 30 wild dogs lying in the road on the H1-3, south of Satara Rest Camp on Saturday, December 26. This is easily the ultimate bush roadblock.

Among the dogs were four hyenas too, according to the Facebook post. The sighting took place at 6:14am according to Latest Sightings.

Wild dog roadblock on the H1-3, 24km South of Satara
There are thirty wild dogs and four hyenas too.
Tinged by Keaton and team Anthony

Posted by Latest Sightings – Kruger on Friday, 25 December 2020


Picture: Twitter/ Latest Sightings

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