All beaches in eThekwini district closed until further notice

Posted by Taylah Strauss on 13 May 2022

Due to the high concentration of E.coli in the water, all beaches in the eThekwini district are closed until further notice.

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While the municipality has been closing and opening several beaches in the area for high levels of E.coli in recent months, it was related to ongoing vandalism of Durban’s sewage pump stations.

The recent heavy floods in the province are believed to be responsible for the high level of E.coli present this time around.

‘Beachgoers are urged to heed this warning unwaveringly, because disregarding it could result in outbreaks of waterborne diseases that may be fatal. Residents can still enjoy other activities along the beach, that do not need any contact with sea water,’ a Facebook post reads.

Daily tests are being conducted by the eThekwini Municipality to monitor E.coli levels until they reach acceptable levels.

Picture: Getaway Gallery


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