Cape Town International records highest traffic since June 2020

Posted by Zimasa Katamzi on 10 May 2021

The Cape Town International Airport recorded the highest domestic travel traffic in April ever since air travel was resumed in June 2020.

The City of Cape Town said it is excited about this increase in domestic travel, as it indicates growth for the local economy.

Increase in domestic travels results in more job opportunities

Mayoral committee member James Vos announced on his Facebook page that domestic terminal numbers reached 61% of the 2019 totals for April. South Africa remains on many countries’ restricted lists and Vos says ‘This is why we cannot let up the vaccination drive, and if possible, speed it up.’

Cape Town residents are being called to continue to abide by the COVID-19 health and safety protocol in order for the increase in tourism to continue.

‘As a City, we are committed to providing the right conditions needed to grow businesses situated in townships,’ said Vos. Businesses in townships are a major contributor to Cape Town’s broader economy and the COCT invests in various initiatives that help support these township-based businesses through the City’s Enterprise and Investment Department.

‘We are working around the clock to restore tourism and travel confidence and to get our visitor economy back on track to save businesses and retain jobs. We know that stricter limitations will have a harmful on the tourism and hospitality businesses already struggling to keep their doors open. We are expecting an increase in domestic travel in the coming period and therefore adherence to COVID protocols is vital,’ said Vos.

PICTURE: Getaway Gallery

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